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Art #: DI-150-001
Hurd Cleft Palate Needle left 21cm
Art #: DI-150-003
Hurd Cleft Palate Needle right 21cm
Art #: DI-150-005
Durham Tonsil needle left 25cm
Art #: DI-150-007
Durham Tonsil needle right 25cm
Art #: DI-150-009
Rotter Cleft Palate Needle left 26cm
Art #: DI-150-011
Rotter Cleft Palate Needle right 26cm
Art #: DI-150-013
Nager Tonsil Needle 24cm
Art #: DI-150-015
Claus Eicken Tonsil Needle 23cm
Art #: DI-150-017
Dupuy Weiss Tonsil Needle right 22cm
Art #: DI-150-019
Dupuy Weiss Tonsil Needle left 22cm
Art #: DI-150-021
Falk Tonsil Needle left 24cm
Art #: DI-150-023
Falk Tonsil Needle right 24cm
Art #: DI-150-025
Breunings Tonsil Knife 23cm
Art #: DI-150-027
Abraham Tonsil Knife 21cm
Art #: DI-150-029
Fisher tonsil knife 22.5cm
Art #: DI-150-031
Colver Tonsil Knife 22.5cm
Art #: DI-150-033
Douglas Tonsil knife 21cm
Art #: DI-150-035
Canfield Tonsil knife 21cm
Art #: DI-150-037
Tyding Tonsil knife 21cm
Art #: DI-150-039
Lynch Tonsil knife and enucleator double, 20cm
Art #: DI-150-041
Day Tonsil knife 21.5cm
Art #: DI-150-043
Luniatschek Tonsil Gauze Packer sh D/E 19cm
Art #: DI-150-045
Hurd Tonsil Dissector 22cm
Art #: DI-150-047
Henke Tonsil Dissector D/E 12mm, 23.5cm
Art #: DI-150-049
Henke Tonsil Dissector D/E 17mm, 23.5cm
Art #: DI-150-051
Carpenter Tonsil Knife + Enucleator 25cm
Art #: DI-150-053
Carpenter Tonsil Knife + Enucleator 24cm
Art #: DI-150-055
Love Tonsillectomy Retractor 18mm, 15cm
Art #: DI-150-057
Love Tonsillectomy Retractor 20mm, 15cm
Art #: DI-150-059
Love Tonsillectomy Retractor 22mm, 15cm
Art #: DI-150-061
Marschik Tonsil Holding Fcps 22cm
Art #: DI-150-063
Nager Pillar/soft palate Retractor 13.5mm, 24cm
Art #: DI-150-065
Hofer Tonsillectomy Retractor 24cm
Art #: DI-150-067
Tivnen-Tyding Tonsil Seizing Fcps 2x2T, 21cm
Art #: DI-150-069
Tivnen Tyding Tonsil Seizing Fcps 3x3T, 21cm
Art #: DI-150-071
Museux Tonsil Seizing Fcps 20cm
Art #: DI-150-073
Museux tonsil seizing Fcps cvd to side 20cm
Art #: DI-150-075
Ballenger Tonsil Seizing Fcps 21.5cm
Art #: DI-150-077
White Tonsil Seizing Fcps 18cm
Art #: DI-150-079
White Tonsil Seizing Fcps 23cm
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