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Art #: DI-136-001
Collin Rib Shear 19cm
Art #: DI-136-003
Stille Rib Shear 21cm
Art #: DI-136-005
Gluck Rib Shear 19cm
Art #: DI-136-007
Gluck Rib Shear 22cm
Art #: DI-136-009
Bone and Rib Shear spring action str 20cm
Art #: DI-136-011
Bone and Rib Shear spring action str 23cm
Art #: DI-136-013
Bone and Rib Shear 22cm
Art #: DI-136-015
Schuchardt Rib Shear 17cm
Art #: DI-136-017
Giertz-Stille Rib Shear 27cm
Art #: DI-136-019
Sauerbruch Frey Rib Shear 36cm
Art #: DI-136-021
Brunner Rib Shear for right hand 32cm
Art #: DI-136-023
Brunner Rib Shear for left hand 32cm
Art #: DI-136-025
Lebsche Sternum Chisel 24.5cm
Art #: DI-136-027
Lebsche Rib Shear 25cm
Art #: DI-136-029
Sauerbruch Rib Shear Adult 26cm
Art #: DI-136-031
Coryllos Rib Shear 35cm
Art #: DI-136-033
Coryllos Rib Shear 35cm
Art #: DI-136-035
Bethune Rib Shear 34cm
Art #: DI-136-037
Doyen Rib Shear 19cm
Art #: DI-136-039
Bethune-Nelson Rib Shear 34cm, w/probe ended
Art #: DI-136-041
Roberts Rib Shear 34cm, w/angular probe ended
Art #: DI-136-043
Roberts Rib Shear 34cm, w/angular probe ended
Art #: DI-136-045
Schumacher/Sauerbruch Sternam Shear 21cm
Art #: DI-136-047
Tudor Edward/Vehmehren Rib Holder and Costotome 23cm
Art #: DI-136-049
Castaneda Rib Spreader 10.5x32mm, 65mm
Art #: DI-136-051
Castaneda Rib Spreader 16x30mm, 65mm
Art #: DI-136-053
Castaneda Rib Spreader 12x45mm, 70mm
Art #: DI-136-055
Castaneda Rib Spreader 15x60mm, 120mm
Art #: DI-136-057
Cooley Rib Spreader 12x13mm, 95mm
Art #: DI-136-059
Cooley Rib Spreader 12x17mm, 75mm
Art #: DI-136-061
Cooley Rib Spreader 14x16mm, 85mm
Art #: DI-136-063
Cooley Rib Spreader 15x30mm, 115mm
Art #: DI-136-065
Cooley Rib Spreader 15x30mm, 140mm
Art #: DI-136-067
Cooley Rib Spreader 16x30mm, 105mm
Art #: DI-136-069
Cooley Rib Spreader 20x45mm, 140mm
Art #: DI-136-071
Cooley Rib Spreader 21x44mm, 150mm
Art #: DI-136-073
Cooley Rib Spreader 30x35mm, 140mm
Art #: DI-136-075
Cooley Rib Spreader 30x50mm, 185mm Alum.
Art #: DI-136-077
Cooley Rib Spreader 35x50mm, 200mm Alum.
Art #: DI-136-079
Cooley Rib Spreader 37x49mm, 200mm Alum.
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