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Art #: DI-126-081
Hudson Extension peice (for brace)
Art #: DI-126-083
Stille Bone Hand Drill 20cm comp. w/drills
Art #: DI-126-085
Stille Hand Drill only
Art #: DI-126-087
Twist Drill 2.5mm
Art #: DI-126-089
Twist Drill 3.0mm
Art #: DI-126-091
Twist Drill 3.5mm
Art #: DI-126-093
Twist Drill 4.0mm
Art #: DI-126-095
Spheric burr 10mm
Art #: DI-126-097
Spheric burr 5.0mm
Art #: DI-126-099
Spheric burr 8.0mm
Art #: DI-126-101
Spheric burr 12.0mm
Art #: DI-126-103
Spheric burr 16.0mm
Art #: DI-126-105
Twist Drill 1.0mm
Art #: DI-126-107
Twist Drill 1.5mm
Art #: DI-126-109
Twist Drill 2.0mm
Art #: DI-126-111
Moore Hand Drill with s.s Jacob chuck complete
Art #: DI-126-113
Moore Hand Drill only with Jacob chuck
Art #: DI-126-115
Twist Drill 3.2mm, 7cm
Art #: DI-126-117
Twist Drill set
Art #: DI-126-119
Twist Drill 3.2mm, 9cm
Art #: DI-126-121
Jacob Drill Chuck S.S w/key to be used with
Art #: DI-126-123
Jacob Drill Chuck S.S w/key small
Art #: DI-126-125
Jacob Chuck w/key IBM 0-6.5mm thread
Art #: DI-126-127
Bunnell Hand Drill with S.S Chuck 16cm
Art #: DI-126-129
Ralk Bone Hand Drill with s.s chuck
Art #: DI-126-131
Universal Bone Hand Drill w/chuck left hand 28cm
Art #: DI-126-133
Universal Bone Hand Drill w/chuck right hand 28cm
Art #: DI-126-135
Hand Drill pistol shaped adjustable handle
Art #: DI-126-137
Bone Hand Drill with s.s chuck
Art #: DI-126-139
T-Handle with s.s Jacob Chuck w/key
Art #: DI-126-141
Drill Handle with s.s Jacob Chuck w/key 14cm
Art #: DI-126-143
Kirschner Bone Hand Drill with Guide
Art #: DI-126-145
Guide for Kirschner Hand Drill
Art #: DI-126-147
Hand Drill with Guide
Art #: DI-126-149
Guide only for Hand Drill
Art #: DI-126-151
Coupling Bow only for wire drill guide
Art #: DI-126-153
Chuck and Key only for wire drill guide
Art #: DI-126-155
Adson Drill Guide Fcps 15cm
Art #: DI-126-157
Lane Fcps for Bone Plates 18cm
Art #: DI-126-159
Lane Bone Screws Holding Fcps 23cm
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