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Art #: DI-126-241
Flat Nose Plier w/ lateral wire cutter 18cm
Art #: DI-126-243
Grip Plier (self locking) 18cm
Art #: DI-126-245
Flat Nose Plier serr S/J 17cm
Art #: DI-126-247
Flat Nose Plier serr grooved jaws S/J 17cm
Art #: DI-126-249
Wire Twisting Plier dbl.action narrow 18cm
Art #: DI-126-251
Wire Twisting Plier dbl.action medium 18cm
Art #: DI-126-253
Wire Twisting Plier dbl.action broad 18cm
Art #: DI-126-255
Flat Nose Plier 14cm
Art #: DI-126-257
Flat Nose Plier 14cm
Art #: DI-126-259
Hackstock Nose Plier S/J w. groove 16cm
Art #: DI-126-261
Flat Nose Plier 19cm
Art #: DI-126-263
Parham Band only 18cm
Art #: DI-126-265
Metal Band only 20cm
Art #: DI-126-267
Metal Band only 25cm
Art #: DI-126-269
vParham Band only 30cm
Art #: DI-126-271
Parham Wire Applicator 22cm
Art #: DI-126-273
Demel Bone Wire Fcps 28cm
Art #: DI-126-275
Loute Wire Twisting clamp 21cm
Art #: DI-126-277
Lloyd Nail Impactor and Extractor 20cm
Art #: DI-126-279
Bone Wire soft 0.2mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-281
Bone Wire soft 0.3mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-283
Bone Wire soft 0.4mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-285
Bone Wire soft 0.5mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-287
Bone wire soft 0.6mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-289
Bone Wire soft 0.7mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-291
Bone Wire soft 0.8mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-293
Bone Wire soft 0.9mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-295
Bone Wire soft 1.0mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-297
Bone Wire soft 1.2mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-299
Bone Wire soft 1.5mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-301
bone wire hard 0.3mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-303
Bone Wire hard 0.4mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-305
Bone Wire hard 0.6mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-307
Bone Wire hard 0.8mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-309
Bone Wire hard 1.0mm, 10m
Art #: DI-126-311
Demel Bone Wire Guide 30.5cm
Art #: DI-126-313
Demel Bone Wire Guide 28.5cm
Art #: DI-126-315
Demel Bone Wire Guide 27.5cm
Art #: DI-126-317
Kuentscher Nail Driver 21cm
Art #: DI-126-319
Kuentscher Nail Driver w/pin 21cm
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